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Featured Mapwing Users
  Real Estate  
  "Mapwing is a superior product compared to what is available for Realtor's today. It opens up a virtual tour to any property."
  Paul Hayes - Realtor, Keller Williams Realty  
  "I have started using Mapwing, and it's awesome."
  Steve Voorhees - Realtor, Jack Gaughen ERA  
  "Mapwing is a good service, and I look forward to working with it."
  Fala Hamid - Realtor, Keller Williams Realty  
  "Want to create virtual tours like a Pro? Integrate them into your blog or Web site? There's a kick ass new Web site called Mapwing and let this Pro be the first to tell you, It Kicks Ass. Mapwing simplifies all of the hassles involved with creating real estate virtual tours. No stitching of panoramas. No learning code in order to embed the 360° pano thingy. None of that crap that you have to pay Web designers bizillions of dollars to do for you. Just follow the instructions and you'll end up with a terrific looking floor plan with integrated virtual tour. In the end you'll have the option of embedding it within your own Web site or emailing it to your clients! Its the perfect blog marketing tool."
  Justin Farrow - Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Blog Pro  
  "I happened to stumble upon Mapwing. It lets you easily create virtual tours that can be far bigger on a computer screen than the ones that most people are used to seeing. While they may not be quite as elaborate, they have very high quality images at an affordable cost while providing a floor plan to go with the great picture views. People that have seen the one that I have did of a featured listing are impressed. I still have to add the second floor floor plan so my "stairs" view will be correct, but Mapwing is a huge step forwards as far as I'm concerned. It also has uses outside the real estate community."
  David Sobotta - Realtor, Bluewater GMAC  
  "It only took me about 30 minutes to photograph, scan, and create a tour online of my Maxsell Real Estate office building. I created this tour using the free version, but they do offer enhanced features for a yearly fee of $39 or even more features for $15/tour (still a great savings for Realtors using other services)."
  Brad Nix - Managing Broker and Co-owner, Maxsell Real Estate  
  Web Design  
  "We've been really pleased with Mapwing and have used it to create virtual tours of a couple of industrial parks and some spec buildings."
  Gina Prosch - Web Designer, Lohman Hills Creative  
  "I like Mapwing a lot. It definitely satisfies our needs."
  Leon Berg - Webmaster, Ojai Foundation  
  "I found an interesting Web site called that will let you create virtual tours on the Net with pictures and maps - "Wow!" I thought. "This is a fantastic way to get students to practice giving directions."
  Teri - Teacher, KhadijaTeri Blog  
  "Mapwing is a tool that helps you create and share virtual tours. It's great for making tours for real estate, tourism, and just for fun."
  Molly McDonald, Screeniac Blog  
  "Create a virtual tour of your new apartment or that killer running trail you discovered with Mapwing, a Web application that matches digital photos to a map you create. Design your map, add photos, captions, and connect them to points on that map. Embed your completed Mapwing tour onto your site and let friends leave comments on it. Just browsing through the most popular tours is a neat way to see places and things through someone else's eyes."
  Gina Trapani, Lifehacker Blog  
  "I mashed out a Mapwing virtual tour in 15 minutes. Cool service they've got. Free, too."
  Finnegar - Livejournal User, Livejournal User  
  "I was sent an interesting link which looks like a promising idea with many applications. For those of you into virtual tours and maps, Mapwing allows you to create your own by linking digital imagery to a map you create."
  Michael Turton, The View from Taiwan Blog  
  "Mapwing allows you to build, share, and explore virtual tours. Great when you want to explain the areas you have visited and/or when people have difficulty understanding and imagining where you are traveling."
  Stephane Cheikh, Stephane's Web 2.0 Blog  
  "If you're thinking of buying a home or taking a vacation it's always good to see an example of what you should expect. It's even better if you can take a tour without leaving the comfort of your computer chair. Mapwing gives the general public the ability to create its own tours using photos and interactive maps."
  Jim Ryan - Writer, Central Penn Business Journal  
  "Mapwing has enabled our members and other visitors across the country to view our historical properties in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. People researching their family roots can locate us and learn what our facility provides. They can also tour the restoration project at the 18th century Dill's Tavern. We constantly get favorable comments from people who have taken our Mapwing Tour. It's a great way for a small organization to meet the public."
  Larry Klase - President, Northern York County Historical and Preservation Society  
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