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Why Should I Use Virtual Tours?
  Virtual tours are a great way to showcase any place or space. True virtual tours, like Mapwing tours, add new dimensions to your photographs and enable viewers to explore a location as if they were really there. Mapwing tours include photographs, interactive maps, comments, and hotspots. Tours are well-suited for capturing businesses, real estate, schools and tourist attractions.  
  Real Estate  
  Thanks to the Internet, more buyers are demanding instant access to information on homes and communities. Mapwing turns digital photographs and floor plans into virtual tours, enabling real estate agents to reach buyers all over the world. Tours can be emailed, burned to CD, or posted to the Web.  
  Marketing facilities and training employees are important parts of doing business. Mapwing makes creating virtual tours efficient and cost effective for businesses. Tours help customers to learn about facilities and products via the Web. Tours may also be distributed on disc to welcome and train new employees.  
  With so many places to visit, tourist attractions need to stand out from the crowd. Virtual tours enable visitors to get a taste of an attraction without leaving home. Mapwing can build tours of parks, hotels, restaurants, and even entire towns! Tours can be placed on the Web to entice more visitors to a location.  
  For both parents and students, picking a school is a major decision. Providing a virtual tour can boost a school's image by showcasing buildings, equipment, and the surrounding community. Mapwing makes it easy for students and faculty to create tours, then share them via CD or a web site.  
  Just for Fun  
  These days, it seems everyone is taking digital pictures. Virtual tours are a great way to make photographs fun and interactive. Mapwing has an intuitive design, enabling anyone to build tours of places, special events, and trips. Tours can be shared with friends, family, or the Web.  
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