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Navigating Mapwing Virtual Tours
  Mapwing virtual tours include photos, maps, and comments that can be interactively explored. Press the Play button to begin watching a tour, or use the tour's interactive controls to navigate at your own pace.  
  Mapwing Web Viewer Diagram  
  Exploring Photos  
  Mapwing virtual tours include photos of places and objects that can be explored. To explore a photo, move your mouse over the image. If the photo is interactive, icons will appear over the image. You can click on these to turn left or right, walk forward, zoom in on photo hotspots, or open a Web site link.  
Red Point

Use the turning regions on the sides of the image view to turn left and right. Press the red turn icon to turn.

Yellow Point

Use the forward region at the center of an image view to move forward to another point. Press the red forward icon to move forward.

Image Hotspot

Press the blue camera icon to see a close-up image. Then, press the red exit icon to return to the previous image view.

Exit Cursor

After entering an image hotspot, press the red exit icon to return to the previous image view.

WWW Hotspot

Press the green WWW icon to open a Web site.

  Working with the Map  
  Each Mapwing virtual tour has a map and location points. The points on the map indicate places that contain photos and descriptions. You can click on each point to view its content. Your currently selected point will appear yellow with a field-of-view indicator showing the direction of the photo. You may also scroll, drag, and zoom the map area.  
Red Point

Click on the red points to jump to locations within the tour. Blue points represent locations that you have already visited.

Yellow Point

After clicking on a point, it will change yellow. Yellow points indicate your present location. The triangular field-of-view indicator shows which direction you are facing, and will move as you turn left and right.

  Other Features  
  Mapwing virtual tours include a comment area where creators can provide descriptions of each image. You can scroll through and read comments.  
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