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Sonora Center Hall at ASU
Sonora Center hall was originally an upper classmen hall for ASU students; however, it was replaced by Vista del Sol Apartments. This building was originally constructed in the early 1990’s. Even though it has been renewed a couple of times, the original structure has always prevailed. Today, it is home to more than 1,000 W. P. Carey School of Business freshmen. There are a couple of ways to get to this building; one is coming from West Apache and the other Coming from North/South Rural Road. The hardest way to reach Sonora is when driving from Apache. There is a street with no name right after Paseo Del Saber where the fast food restaurant’s cars are parked. After turning right on the street, you will have to drive straight for about 2 minutes and after a stop sign, find parking space on the back visitor’s parking lot. If someone was to park on the visitor’s space for more than 2 hours, a parking warning notification will be given. The front parking is exclusive to students with permit. The easiest way to get to Sonora is driving on Rural Road. When coming from the South, after right Apache street, you will have to enter Spence Avenue on a right turn. When coming from the North, Spence will be after Broadway Avenue, and you turn left. The business community of Sonora Center is exceptionally situated near many campus and non-campus convinient spots that make it one of the most known and preferable. Located on S. Rural Road and Spence Avenue, it could easily be argued that this is an off-campus hall. I personally agree, but distance is easily out weighted by locations such as Chevron gasoline, Domino’s Pizza, and Safeway. There are internal attractions such as the Sonora tutoring center, the lounges on every floor, our courtyard, tennis and basketball courts, health office and a market. Sonora Center is one the best halls on Arizona State University. The ample rooms, living room, and bathroom awe students from other ASU campuses and dorms. For the most part, this place has a good reputation regardless occasional parties and loud music because of the way the rooms are arranged, the sound is not direct to other rooms. When Sonora students are asked where they live, almost always they give a good reply and description about the place. A very fun fact about this place is that it is the cheapest hall in the Business School but one of the most expensive in general dorms. A fee of $5,997.00 covers all apartment living expenses such as 24- hour security, laundry, electricity, water, internet, and access to the pool and courts. This hall at Arizona State University offers infinite commodities for the W. P. Carey students. By far, this place is the best-accommodated. Students live a relaxed and private life on their first year of college. Space, location, and people are what make Sonora Center the best hall of all and the most liked by students. Sonora is the most convenient hall when analyzing location. For students that prioritize privacy and commodities, Sonora Center Hall is the best option. There is nothing like having a space only the residents of this hall like the courtyard and pool. All activities that happened here are not comparable to those in the middle of the campus because there is a certain sense of exclusiveness to them. Sonora rooms are by far the best and the biggest of all freshman rooms. A great variety of bus stops that can take student to other ASU campuses and malls are also just around the corner. Practical stores and restaurants are found everywhere around. For a full –time student that comes back tired to the room, Sonora is the best place to rest of the whole university life and noise. Five floors of happy residents can not lie, in Sonora there is always a certain vibe of relaxation and privacy. The complex building structure is only one of its visual structures other than the green lawn, and top of the fifth floor that gives an extra touch of elegance. For most people, security is a great factor when choosing a dorm, in here, there is no worry since most of the times there are policemen in the parking lot to ensure the resident’s maximum security. There is no regret in my choice of living in the Sonora Center for the W.P. Carey students. The lounges, lobby, tutoring center, pool, and courtyard are unique to Sonora, which by far put it in another residential level at ASU.
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From:  Martha Castro
Added:  October 21, 2012
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Martha Castro 2012-10-21 14:23:16
Arizona State University , Campus Housing. Sonora Center

Vista del Sol.
Arizona State University, Online Tours. Sonora Center
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