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Saturday School Gallery Show
Before undertaking a semester of student teaching, Art Education students at Penn State must take part in a program known as the Art Education Advanced Practicum, or more fondly, Saturday School. This program partners Art Ed students with a group of young learners ranging in age from 5-14 and assigns them the duty of creating and carrying out a short art curriculum, to be enacted each Saturday morning for eight weeks. At the end of the program, these Art Ed students prepare and display the work of their young students via a gallery show on the Penn State campus. This tour takes you through the gallery space for the Fall 2006 session of Saturday School! As one of the two instructors for the 6/7-year old age group, my partner Catherine and I created what we called "The PSU Zoo," in which students examined a familiar topic, animals, in conjunction with art. Enjoy!
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From:  Ratchet
Added:  December 9, 2006
Views:  5587
Comments:  3
Andrew 2006-12-09 06:05:40
Ohhh I enjoy the Crazy Critters! I'm in Ithaca this weekend, and I was quite pleased to log on find this super tour :-)
clever2gether 2007-01-14 04:30:02
What a lovely way to share this exhibition.
peterjewelmz 2007-06-10 21:57:32
Nice and welcoming. Could use some brightening uop though.
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