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Lewisburg Farmer's Market
Last Wednesday I went with Oma to the Lewisburg Farmer's Market! We stopped on our way back to Watsontown. Oma had wanted me to see it; Aunt Barbara Kaye had taken her a few weeks ago, and she thought it would be a good place for me to take pictures. I bought some Pepper Jelly there to make the Sarah Mellon specialty dish of warm Pepper Jelly & Cream Cheese with Ritz Crackers, but it was the wrong kind of Pepper Jelly, sadly. Apparently there is a big difference between Jalapeño Peppers and Hot Cherry Peppers. I also ran into some problems when I accidentally almost took a picture of an Amish couple at a stand. They weren't too happy with me. Anyway, you can read all about those adventures and more in this fantastic tour of the Wednesday Farmer's Market in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
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From:  Julie
Added:  February 23, 2007
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Comments:  2
Rosalie Grove 2009-09-08 05:22:52
I was at Lewisburg Farmers Market as I am many times and bought peaches from Green's Fruit Market. I wanted to taste them first, but they refused. Like a fool, I bought them and when home found out that they were dry and pithy inside. I called them and after some rangleing they said I could return them for more. The next week we went back to replace them and they were awful again. When we called them this time Joan, the owner said "this is just the way peaches are this year. We can't return your money. I was shocked and then we went to Wentzlers in Montoursville and their's were wonderful. Mr. Wentzler said that they probably picked them too green and refrigerated them until the market. Now I"m out of $27.00 and when I called again she hung up on me. My only choice as I see it is to go tomorrow and pickett their stand and let others know how awful their fruit is. Also the Better Business Bureau. Do you have any more ideas? Who polices the farmers there?
Noah Patelesio 2011-08-25 08:41:07
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