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Dewart Livestock Auction
So this week I'm staying with my dad's parents, Nana & Pop, in Milton, Pennsylvania. Every Monday, Pop (who's going to be 90 this year) goes to the Dewart Livestock Auction, and I went with him this week! We got there ultra early, after visiting his friend George in a nursing home. The auction looks pretty empty in some of the spots because we got there so early, but it really started to fill up after a couple hours... It's a really interesting old place; it reminded me of Haar's Drive-In sometimes, especially the "restaurant" smelled like grease and french fries! Keep an eye out for a few pictures of some Amish folk there...I didn't know until I got home that most Amish people don't let anyone take their picture. Try to find the few pictures that I did manage to get, and see if you can find the one picture of me hiding in a hotspot somewhere!
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From:  Julie
Added:  February 23, 2007
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